Christopher Castle

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Point Reyes Peninsula Li

watercolor  -  36” x 48” -  2007

the image and music trace the profile of the 40 mile ridge from Tomales Point to Bolinas in West Marin County, California.

Peninsular Li sample

Musical Cartography

a synaesthetic process where specific land forms and patterns in nature become musical forms.

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Castlerigg - music of the stones

etching  -  20” x 16” -  1970

the plan and profile of the neolithic stone circle at Castlerigg in the Lake District of NW England give rise to a series of pieces:

Magma - the stones - 4 stones - Magma

Magma sample

The Stones sample

Root. (Redwood Xylem and Phloem) sample

Redwood Root cells

charcoal  -  48” x  32”  -  1995

The cellular structure visible in the longitudinal section through a redwood tree root defines a rhythmic patterns for a percussion piece. The music, Redwood Xylem and Phloem, describes the xylem of the cells with percussive instrumentation while the same music is drawn out in an evocation of the phloem.