Murals and Public Art projects

Christopher Castle


John Muir greets the returning Animals

Alhambra Creek watershed mural

Martinez, California

Acrylic on cement wall. 4-10ft x 100ft. 2009.

The mural was created in conjunction with students of the Environmental Studies Academy, Martinez.

Location: intersection of Alhambra Avenue and Alhambra Valley Road, Martinez. (Mapquest)

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Wildcat Creek watershed mural

Richmond High School

Richmond, California

Acrylic on wood paneled wall. 10ft x  120ft. 2002-2005.

The mural was created with students from the Science, Art, Technology Partnership Academy.

Location:  the Science Hallway at Richmond High School


The World Pattern

A series of 30 ceramic tiles with patterns from cultures around the world.

A second series of 30 tiles depicting images of fish and water also from cultures around the world

Emeryville, California

Ceramic tile. 2008-9.

The installation was created by Christopher Castle with assistance from San Francisco ceramicist Aileen Barr.

Installation scheduled for 2010 at Anna Yates Elementary School, Emeryville. (Mapquest)

Alongside his work as an individual artist Christopher Castle works by commission with community groups and schools to create art that enables individuals to express their stories concerning their own community and environment. Cultural fragmentation is addressed through this holistic approach. His recent project focusing on water is “Mapping the Soul of the City” in which city residents from diverse communities employ mapping as a means of telling their personal stories about their neighborhoods and their relationship to nature.


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Mapping Environments  -  Berkeley City Map

Montage of 90 monotypes created by 90 students from the three Berkeley Middle Schools.

monotype on paper assembled on canvas

72” x 80”. 2010.

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Baxter Creek Watershed Sign - Gateway Park, El Cerrito

Image commissioned by the City of El Cerrito as part of the signage for the redesign of Gateway Park, El Cerrito. Baxter Creek is one of several creeks that flow from the hills, through El Cerrito and Richmond to San Francisco Bay. The Creek passes through Gateway Park which has become a showcase for creek restoration. Text was added by the park designers.

Watercolor. 24” x 36” approx. 2005.

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John Muir mural 2013

In 2011 I was asked by The Park Service if I would be interested in creating a mural for a site in Martinez. Ralph Bell, Facility Manager at the John Muir Historic Site had seen the mural that we had recently painted near by on a City owned wall and was interested in a second one on a wall close to the Park Service depot and the John Muir Historic Site.

Rona Zollinger director of the New Leaf environmental academy at Briones High School agreed to my leading her students through a process of conceptualizing, designing and finally painting the mural. The whole process took nearly three years.

Here is a picture of the site before we began, a freeway retaining wall close to the John Muir National Historical Site, Martinez, California.

Just click on the picture to see the final mural. (Images on Flickr)

John Muir’s journey to Martinez

Martinez, California

Acrylic on cement wall. 4ft-14ft x 180ft. 2013.

The mural was created in conjunction with students of the Environmental Studies Academy, now New Leaf, Martinez.

It is further documented on a special website designed by student Cristobal Castenada:

Location: Franlin Canyon Road, 0.25 miles from Alhambra Avenue, Martinez. (Mapquest)

John Muir mural 2009