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Etching is the ancient art of engraving with acid on metal.  We shall study the 500 year old technique for creating prints from an etched plate.

Drawing with a needle into a wax-covered polished plate, the metal is exposed and the plate bathed in acid. The acid bites into the metal where it has been exposed. The lines thus formed are then printed.

The immense variety of marks possible with etching lends great adaptability to the medium. A range from fine lines and textures to deep relief are possible with the diverse techniques available.

The class introduces the techniques and students explore their own imagery to create an edition of consistently printed impressions. Color printing is introduced.

Private tuition is also available.

Details from etchings by C. Castle  (L - R)

• Maeve in  Malta - 3,000BCE

• Round Church - Feng Shui

• Megalithic Mound Metamorphosis

For information on current etching instruction please contact me

Or call 415 738 9255

Studio is in East San Francisco Bay Area.

Address provided on request.

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