Christopher Castle

Wildcat Creek Watershed

Mural at Richmond High School

In 1998 I moved from rural West Marin County to the city of Richmond located on the East side of San Francisco Bay and was soon involved in creating a mapping project for this very different urban world.

Supported by a grant from the BEA FEW Foundation and with assistance from two key creek preservation groups, the Watershed Project and the Urban Creeks Council, I conducted mapping sessions with several local High Schools, Elementary Schools and other groups in the community.

The Richmond High School mural was created by students in the Science, Industry, Technology Partnership Academy (SITPA). Sessions were held one afternoon a week over nearly 4 years from 2001 to 2005.

The mural maps the course of the nearby Wildcat Creek as it passes from the hills to the Bay and through the city of Richmond close to the school. The map is superimposed with an historic time line of images tracing the cultural and natural history of the creek and its environs from prehistoric times to the present.

Christopher Castle

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